Mujeres Chilenas en el Comic 2021

Catalog: Chilean Women in the Cartoon 2021| Catálogo Mujeres Chilenas en la Historieta 2021.

ProChile is a branch of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that is in charge of promoting the Chilean Country brand, whether in cultural, economic and tourism matters. Among her various efforts, she has published the Catalog of Chilean Women in the Comic 2021.

The 112-page publication, translated into three languages ​​(English, French and Korean) in addition to Spanish, is a great example of promoting the culture, publications and artistic environment that the South American country has, specifically with female artists from the region. . Its effectiveness lies in the support that these artists should already feel that their content can be seen in the ministries of other countries that speak these languages ​​or more, and that it leads to collaborations, invitations or as a piece of attracting cultural investment to Chile.

There are 56 Chilean women artists who work in their country or abroad, the artists have allowed the reproduction of their works and maintain rights to their graphic pieces. The catalog is divided into four content sections for creators who work on autobiography (testimonial, essay, chronicles), youth fiction 9 Fantasy, science fiction, action, slice of life), children (fantasy, adventures and humor) and managers (Publishers , researchers, agents and managers). Each artist has been awarded four pages which contain a short biography in all the aforementioned languages, a short quote characterizing the artist’s work, and an example of her published work. The catalog was presented in May 2021 and included the research of Moisés Hasson, Hugo Hinojosa and Claudio Aguilera.

If this Catalog of Chilean Women in the Comic 2021 does not meet the metrics established by ProChile (expenses and return on investment) in the end, it will remain as an essential cultural document for the investigation and documentation of the art of the comic strip, caricature and comic of that country. , and that makes it relevant.

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Written by © Javier Martinez

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Mujeres chilenas en la historieta - Catálogo 2021
Mujeres chilenas en la historieta – Catálogo 2021

Artistas en Catálogo Mujeres Chilenas en la Historieta 2021 ( PDF )

Alejandra Acosta Pag. 24 | Antonia Bañados Pag. 28 | Antonieta Corvalán Pag. 32 | Bruta Pag. 36 | Catalina Bu Pag. 40 | Dachatte Pag. 44 | Denisse Valdenegro Pag. 48 | Devil Katy Pag. 52 Estefani con F Pag. 56 | Gaviota Cercós Pag. 60 | Grace Mallea Pag. 64 | Lía Gálvez Pag. 68 | Marcela Trujillo Pag. 72 | Margarita Valdés Pag. 76 | Melina Rapimán Pag. 80 | Me llamo Raiza Pag. 84 | Nati Chuleta Pag. 88 | Panchulei Pag. 92 | Rebeca Peña Pag. 96 | Sol Díaz Pag. 100 | Victoria Rubio Pag. 104

Berna Labourdette Pag. 110 | Claudia Letonja Pag. 114 | Connie Tapia Pag. 118 | Conyejo Pag. 122 | Elisa Echeverría Pag. 126 | Érika Pino Pag. 130 | Ferdinnan Pag. 134 | Fernanda Frick. Pag. 138 | CabiCoco Pag. 142 | Gabriela Gutiérrez Pag. 146 | Jade González Pag. 150 | Jossy Alburquenque Pag. 154 | Joyce Maureira Pag. 158 | Kissa Maraña Pag. 162 | Pía Prado Pag. 166 | Rowein Pag. 170 | Shihho Pag. 174 | Ximena Rodríguez Pag. 178 | Yaritza Aguilera Pag. 182 | Zeomy Tales Pag. 186

Catalina Corvalán Pag. 192 | Daniela Thiers Pag. 196 Paulina APC Pag. 200 | Romina Toro Pag. 204 | Supergato Pag. 208

Celeste Arredondo Pag. 214 | Claudia Andrade Pag. 215 | Francisca Rivera Pag. 216 | Isabel Molina Pag. 217 | Javiera Irribarren Pag. 218 | María Eliana Aguayo Pag. 219 | Paloma Domínguez Pag. 220 | Pati Aguilera Pag. 221 | Rocío Contreras Pag. 222 | Vivian Lavín Pag. 223

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